"How You Can Write Like A Pro So You Can Turn Words Into Dollars, FAST."
A 17-page report that will give you the understandings of copywriting so you can turn your words into dollars instead of squeezing pennies together and hoping for the best.
  • You'll learn how to build desire, and what a headline hook can do for you.
  • You'll learn the one magic word that takes people away from reading your writing leaves them scrolling past you like wildfires through the bush.
  • You'll have a mass of formulas in your back pocket so you never have to write from scratch ever again.
  • You'll learn the 4 learning and teaching styles so you can communicate to ever type of personality type.
  • BONUS #1 The one question you can ask that will double your closing ratio.
  • Bonus #2 My personal phone closing sales formula.
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Erik Hatterscheidt

Managing Director @ Basic Bananas Marketing

What Troy taught me about the conversion story increased my closing ratio to over a 30% and it’s been 3 months and my closing rate keeps increasing since I’ve made that change.

Valen Vergara

President at Greater Than Developments.

Troy is a charismatic marketer that has made my message jump off the page and then some. He has personally improved my brand image in a way that can't be stopped. Troy creates legal magic acts every time he puts his mind to marketing. His conscious ability to advertise my products and service in a meaningful manner amaze's me.

Steffen Rachut

Owner at Tilt Free Poker Mindset Training

I hired Troy as a consultant for my business and he has absolutely over delivered in every single session we've had. I knew it would take my business to the next level, I've just had my best month financially, and I do attribute that to Troy. If you're on the fence and you want leads, you want to up your brand and be positioned properly, Troy is the guy for you.

Alex Kovalchuk

Winnipeg Cleaners Association & MYPA Janitorial

I'm already taking the first steps, and after going through Troy's business development program, he took me from -$300.00 to +$3500.00 in less than 3 months. Dude is a beast.
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